Mendip Silks
Mendip Silks
Mendip Silks
U1104-3 Heritage-Skye-Burnt-Orange

The Heritage collection comprises dobby and jacquard woven traditional tartan, estate tweed and paisley designs. By using our muted melange palette the designs and the soft colours we have used conjure up the feeling of the Scottish Lowlands and Highlands.
U1010-1 Heritage-Heritage-Berry U1010-4 Heritage-Heritage-Scarlet U1010-6 Heritage-Heritage-Eau-de-Nil
U1013-3 Heritage-Vintage-Caramel U1104-1 Heritage-Skye-Sage U1104-3 Heritage-Skye-Burnt-Orange
U1104-4 Heritage-Skye-Sea U1104-5 Heritage-Skye-Claret U1104-6 Heritage-Skye-Heather
U1105-1 Heritage-Aberdeen-Sage U1105-2 Heritage-Aberdeen-Rope U1105-3 Heritage-Aberdeen-Burnt-Orange
U1105-4 Heritage-Aberdeen-Sea U1105-5 Heritage-Aberdeen-Peat U1105-6 Heritage-Aberdeen-Heather
U1106-4 Heritage-Troon-Eau-de-Nil U1106-6 Heritage-Troon-Pine U1107-2 Heritage-St-Andrew-Rope
U1107-4 Heritage-St-Andrew-Sea U1107-5 Heritage-St-Andrew-Claret U1108-1 Heritage-Balmoral-Sage
U1108-2 Heritage-Balmoral-Rope U1108-4 Heritage-Balmoral-Sea U1108-5 Heritage-Balmoral-Claret
U1108-6 Heritage-Balmoral-PIne U1108-7 Heritage-Balmoral-Eau-de-Nil U1108-8 Heritage-Balmoral-Fir
U1109-3 Heritage-Loch-Burnt-Orange U1109-6 Heritage-Loch-Heather. U1109-7 Heritage-Loch-Claret
U1110-6 Heritage-Highland-Heather U1111-1 Heritage-Mac-Sage U1111-3Heritage-Mac-Burnt-Orange
U1111-4 Heritage-Mac-Sea U1111-5 Heritage-Mac-Claret

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