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Kinnasand - Burnouts and Clipped Jacquards

Kinnasand 6557 Cycle, Col.001 Click on photos for more information
Burnouts and Clipped Jacquards use quite different techniques to achieve a similar result, where sheer patterns can be indispersed with solid areas.

Burnout fabrics are made using two different types of fibre, usually a polyester and woven with a cellulose fibre like rayon or cotton. A chemical process is used, which 'melts' the cellulose fibre leaving sheer areas of polyester in the fabric.

A Clipped Jacquard can be made in any fibre. It is woven with floating yarns on one side, which are clipped off, leaving a sheer area.
Kinnasand Caro 6449 / Caro

100% Polyester Trevira CS (Flame Retardant)
300cm wide
Repeat 9cm h / 90cm w
Kinnasand Cirio Col. 003 6576 / Cirio

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Kinnasand Clipper, Col. 002 6602 / Clipper

100% Polyester Trevira CS (Fire Retardant)
318cm wide
Repeat Nil h / 81.5cm w
Approx weight: 81 g/m2
Kinnasand Corso Col. 001 6527 / Corso

100% Polyester Trevira CS (Fire Retardant)
300cm wide, Repeat 38 cm h / 37cm w
Weight Approx: 111 g/m2
Kinnasand Cycle Col.025 6557 / Cycle

100% Polyester
150cm wide,
Repeat 51cm h / 75cm w
Weight Approx: 65 g/m2
Kinnasand Dia Col. 016 6390 / Dia

100% Polyester Trevira CS (Fire Retardant)
330cm wide
Repeat 60cm h / 22cm w
Kinnasand Flair Col. 001 6570 / Flair

66% Cotton / 27% Polyester / 7% Lurex
150cm wide,
Repeat 88cm h / 74.5cm w
Weight Approx: 90 g/m2
Kinnasand Lola Col. 001 6466 / Lola

68%Cotton/32% Polyester
Burnout &/or print
300cm wide
Repeat Nil h / 88cm w
Weight approx 59 gm2
Kinnasand Lori 6437 / Lori

100% Polyester (Flame Retardant)
153cm wide
Repeat 87cm h / 150cm w
Weight approx65 gm2
Kinnasand Miros Col. 001 6501 / Miros

100% Polyester Trevira CS
305cm wide
Repeat 37cml h / 81cm w
Weight approx 110 gm2
Kinnasand Senso Col. 010 6392 / Senso

65% Poly/35% Cotton
150cm wide
Repeat 78cm h / 75cm w
Weigth approx 105 gm2
Kinnasand Smilla Col. 013 6612 / Smilla

56% Cotton/44% Polyester
300cm wide
Repeat 149cm h / 91cm w
Weight Approx: 174 g/m2
Kinnasand Snow 001 6421 / Snow

100% Nylon (Ripstop with laser burnout holes)
140cm wide, Repeat 68cm h / 137cm w
Weight approx: 35 gm2
Kinnasand 6558 Speed Col. 001 6558 / Speed

100% Polyester Trevira CS (Fire Retardant)
150cm wide
Repeat Nil h / Nil w
Weight Approx: 62 g/m2
Kinnasand Spot col.001 6420 / Spot

100% Polyester Trevira CS
150cm wide
Repeat Nil h / Nil w
Weight Approx: 75 gm2
Kinnasand Toki 6561 / Toki

100% Polyester Trevira CS (Flame retardant)
300cm wide
Repeat Nil h / 51.5 cm w
Weight Approx: 73 g/m2
Kinnasand Tven Col. 002 6405 / Tven

100% Polyester Trevira C.S (Fire Retardant)
300cm wide
Repeat Nil h / 107cm w
Kinnasand Vic Col. 001 6603 Vic

60% Cotton / 40% Polyester
269cm wide
Repeat Nil h / 53cm w
Weight Approx: 112 g/m2

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