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Kinnasand - Lead Weighted Fabrics

Kinnasand Tampico Closeup 001
Lead weighted fabrics have a row of heavily weighted cord attached to the lower edge. It is sometimes referred to as lead rope, lead band or lead line.

The "band" is a cord filled with small pellets of metal. A few of the Kinnasand fabrics have it overlocked to the bottom edge, such as Tampico, shown above. It can be added to any fabric curtain and assists the fabric to hang evenly in regular curves. It can help reduce movement with any breeze, particularly in light weight fabrics.
Kinnasand Helios 6615 / Helios

100% Polyester (Sheer with lead weight)
316cm wide,
Repeat Nil cm h / Nil cm w
Weight Approx: 89g/m2
Kinnasand Modus 6185 / Modus

100% Polyester Trevira CS (Organza with lead weight)
300cm wide,
Repeat Nil h / 31cm w
Weight approx 21 gm2
Kinnasand Notos 6614 / Notos

100% Polyester (Sheer with Lead weight)
302cm wide
Repeat Nil cm h / Nil cm w
Weight Approx: 90 g/m2
Kinnasand Tampico All cols 6000 / Tampico

100% Polyester Trevira CS (Lead weighted)
300cm wide
Repeat Nil h / Nil w
Weight approx: 78 gm2

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