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Newsletter - April '13
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Mother's Day - Quilts

What to buy you Mother for Mother's Day? Mmmm. She says she has everything she needs, so buy her something she would never buy for herself. Instead of a domestic appliance (not good!), or dinner out (done before), how about a luxurious silk-filled quilt? Not only will she love being wrapped in a cocoon of warmth, it is very light weight, making it a piece of cake to make the bed. It is also great for arthritis sufferers and those who dislike heavy bedding.

For more information or 2013 pricelists, please contact us on 03 9873 3786 or email us at
Trends for 2013-14

According to various sources, the colour for 2013-14 is EMERALD (See Pantone 2013 Colour of the Year ). Click on the pictures below for a larger photo or more information.
Pantone Colour of the Year 2013 Kinnasand Nori Col. 014 Kinnasand Amalfi, Col. 014 Kinnasand Festival, Col. 025
Also look out for jewel-like hues in high contrast, multi-coloured prints. There will be strong Salmon Pink, Watermelon Red, Bold Yellow, Acid Green & Marine Blue.
Kinnasand Flax 011, Choice 011, Imago 015 Mendip Allure 02 Olive/Coral 100% Furnishing weight silk, 140cm  Kinnasand (UNFOLD Collection) Flax (L to R) Col's 033, 011, 010, 015, 012 Mendip Shimmer Col.68 Salmon 100% Furnishing weight silk, 140cm
Kinnasand Splash Col. 017 (Colours Unlimited Series - Ask us about how you can design your own colours) Kinnasand Tven Col.012 Kinnasand Azuro Col. 011 (Ombre dyed) Mendip Chardon 02 / Gold 100% Furnishing weight silk, 140cm
Kinnasand Campo Col 014 Kinnasand Chroma Col.021 Kinnsand Cycle Col. 014 Kinnasand Milo Col. 011
Mendip Shimmer 33 Ocean 100% Furnishing weight silk, 140cm Kinnasand (L to R) Jumper, Flicker, Camper, Col's (Top to Bottom) 011, 021, 014 (UNFOLD Collection) Kinnasand Flax Col. 011 (New UNFOLD Collection) Kinnasand Choice Col. 011a & 011b (From new UNFOLD Collection)
Kinnasand Kendo Col.014 Kinnasand Dia Col. 012 Kinnasand Jamil, Col.012 Kinnasand Dot Col. 012
Browns are reddish. Neutrals are sand, stone, caramel, beige and dove grey. Textures are chunky, with the use of natural fibres and a hand-woven feel.
Reddish Browns - KN Pepe Col 016 (UNFOLD Collection) Reddish Browns - (L to R) Kinnasand Canyon col 016, Camper 016, Loom 025, Flicker 016, Jumper 016, Riff 016 (UNFOLD Collection) Kinnasand Textured Plains - (L ro R) Jumper, Loom, Gent, Flicker, Camper (UNFOLD Collection) Kinnasand Mimoko Col. 010
Kinnasand Loom (UNFOLD Collection) Cols (L to R) 002, 013, 006, 033, 011, 025 Kinnasand Clayton (UNFOLD Collection) Col. 016 Kinnasand Zen Col. 011 & Festival Col. 011 (UNFOLD Collection) Kinnasand Kings Cross ( UNFOLD Collection), Col. 016
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News from Kinnasand

KINNASAND has had a successful start of the year at the imm cologne 2013 Design Fair, in Germany, acquiring the highest award "Best of Best" of the Interior Innovation Award for the new collection UNFOLD.

The design council are made up of an international jury composed of designers, representatives of the media and design institutions. This is a prestigous annual award, considered to be one of the most renowned design awards in the interior furnishing industry worldwide. Only 15 products out of the 500 entries are chosen for "Best of Best" and Kinnasand was the only textile company to be awarded.

For a preview of the new UNFOLD range CLICK HERE. Many are also shown above.
Kinnasand Beam Col. 011(UNFOLD Collection) Kinnasand Crown Embossed Cotton (UNFOLD Collection) Col.001 Kinnsand Sixto (UNFOLD Collection) Col.033 Kinnasand Tape(UNFOLD Collection) Col.020
Click to view a PDF version of our Special Weave Manual.
Mendip - Special Weaves

We have put together a manual to explain how easy it is to develop and produce your own fabric designs.

We work directly with one of the world's biggest & best silk weaving mills. It is this long standing relationship that allows us to be able to offer this service.

CLICK HERE to download the PDF Version, send us an email on, or phone us on 03 9873 3786, to find out more.

Mendip Newsletter Apr13

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