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Newsletter - Dec 11
Kinnasand Fire Retardant Symbol Click here to download Trevira CS brochure
Click on logo above to see many Kinnasand fabrics made with Trevira CS
Click on Trevira CS logo to download their brochure

What is Trevira CS?

On the end of some Kinnasand headers, you will find the Kinnasand fire symbol, as shown above. These fabrics are made from an amazing fibre known as Trevira CS. This hi-tech fibre has many excellent qualities, but is mainly known for its ability to be fire retardant.
Flame Retardant

Certified to highest classification and ideal for all commercial work, particularly where evacuations may be slow, such as in hospitals or nursing homes. It is ideal for hotels and eating venues, medical centres, public buildings, airlines, marine, automotive and private homes.

So why should you choose a Trevira CS fabric, click on the picture to the right and watch the video.
Trevira CS Burn Test
Trevira Molecule Very low toxicity & dangerous fumes

Toxic smoke inhalation is the cause of fatalities in over 80% of fires. Trevira SC gives off virtually no toxic fumes during burning.
No additional finishes required

The polyester molecule has been permanently modified chemically, so fire retardant qualities are not lost due to washing, ageing or general usage, as with other fibres and fabrics where a finish is applied later.
Trevira CS Closeup Other Flame Retardant Fibres
Kinnasand Akino Easy care

Trevira CS has a low creasing level and is dimensionally stable. It has good breathability, so works well for upholstery. It has a high abrasion resistance. It can be washed at low temperatures and is quick drying. It has excellent colour & light fastness, and can be used in a wide variety of fabrics.

Click the picture to see a wide variety of Kinnasand Trevira CS fabrics available.
Mendip Silks Quilts

Now is the time of year when Mendip Quilts come into their own. Don't sweat through the summer months with a heavy weight quilt. Try one of our summer weight silk filled quilts or 100% bamboo quilts.

Order now for delivery before Xmas.
Mendip Bamboo Quilts

The staff of Mendip Silks would like to wish you all a happy and safe Christmas and New Year.

We will be closed from 22nd December, 2011 until the 16th January, 2012.

For anything urgent during this period, please call John Tulloch directly on 0417 528 011.

Fabrics clockwise from top left: Shimmer/16 Bronze, Illusion / 51 Ivory, Shimmer/15 Mustard, Shimmer/11 Ginger, Shimmer/10 Sandstone.
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Mendip Silks 2011

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