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Newsletter - May 11

The First in Australia

Mendip are the first to introduce the unique properties of bamboo quilts into Australia.

We always aim for a premium product so the quality and purity of the Mendip bamboo quilts has been developed with this in mind. We have visited the factory in China to ensure that they are as committed to this philosophy as we are.

The quilts are made using fibre derived from certified 100% pure organic bamboo, on both the outer cover and the inside filling. Bamboo is one of the most ecologically sustainable plants on the planet. It required no fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides or irrigation. It does not require constant replanting once established and can grow up to one metre per day!

Our supplier owns the world patent for manufacturing of bamboo viscose fibre. Their carefully controlled production maintains the highest quality and insists on re-using & recycling wherever possible. There are some unscrupulous cowboys out there, but we guarantee that our product is made by a ligitimate manufacturer.

To find out more about the process of making these quilts, click here to view the short DVD

Mendip bamboo quilts are drapey, light-weight and ideal for a sustainable night's sleep.

Don't settle for an inferior product. Ask for Mendip by name

For a point of difference, we have added a fresh green piping to our bamboo quilts. All new orders placed with our manufacturer will have this trim, so for a while you may have some quilts with it and some without. Nothing else has changed.

Worldwide silk prices have skyrocketed due to droughts and high demand. In fact, it has almost tripled in the last couple of years.

As such, we are going to have to put the prices up on our quilts. This will take effect from the 1st July, so now is the ideal time to purchase some before the increase.
Hanks of silk yarn

HOME STYLE AGENCIES, owned by Sylvia & David Gidman, will be our agent for quilts in WA.

MAXPRO MARKETING, owned by Robert Smith, has taken over our quilts in SA.

For a full list of Quilt Agents, click here

For a full list of Fabric Agents, click here

We are developing a range of pure silk stripes. 'La Scala', shown here in dark navy with silver, is one design. The colour palette will revolve around off white, silver, deep red, dark navy and black, in various combinations, stripe widths, and with satin and ottoman textures. Expect more updates it in the next couple of months.
Mendip Stripes La Scala
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