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Newsletter - Oct12
Just in case you didn't get the last newsletter, Mendip Silks head office has moved to:

152 Rooks Road, Nunawading, VIC, 3131
Ph: 03 9873 3786 Fax: 03 9873 7630

Grant Dorman is still our agent for fabrics in Victoria, but we now have a small showroom if customers find our location in Nunawading more convenient.

We no longer have a post office box and our other details remain the same.
152 Rooks Rd, Nunawading
SANBAMA new office, 15 Sydenham Rd, Norwood SA
Our SA agent has moved to a great new showroom,
with more space, beautiful high ceilings and a fantastic location.

Drop in and see Scott, Anna and Tess at Sanbama:
15 Sydenham Road, Norwood, SA, 5067
Ph: 08 8362 2203 Fax: 08 8362 2982

How cute is that building!

Imagine being able to design your own fabric to perfectly suit a room. Mendip Silks can work with you to create your exact requirements in silks & silk blend furnishing fabrics. With relatively low minimums and reasonable prices, you can have the dream.
Scenario 1

Your customer wants a large silk curtain in red with a gold motif. You choose a design from our extensive range of samples. The red is based on a piece of fabric she has, but the what sort of gold would look best?

We arrange a small colour blanket using several different golds. This can be taken to the house for an in-situ decision.
Scenario 2

Your customer comes to you with an insurance claim. Their antique French silk curtains have been damaged by water and they want to try and replicate the fabric.

We send a piece of the damaged fabric to our mill. They copy the design and send a colour blanket out with a couple of options to choose from.
Scenario 3

Your customer wants a particular blue throughout her bedroom. The window is not huge and the quantity required is too small to develop an original design. But she does want a co-ordinating bedspread, chair & cushions in a different fabric design.

As long as the warp colour remains the same, the design, or weft colour can be changed along the length of fabric. In this way, the minimums can be reached without too much effort, and the colours are guaranteed to match. (The two designs and the plain satin at left, are all woven on the same warp as one piece.)
Scenario 4

You have your heart set on using a design similar to one you have seen in a magazine. You feel pure silk is too formal for the setting and you want the colour to go with a particular rug in the room.

In our extensive catalogue you find a design that will work. You find a cutting of the colour combination to send to the mill, and you decide that a silk & wool will have a less shiny finish and a lovely soft drape. The mill weaves a sample for final approval, and the bulk is delivered within a couple of months.
Scenario 5

You have been given a fantastic job redecorating a massive, stately home with enormous windows. The pattern design & colours must suit the period, so you work with Mendip to replicate these.

The windows are huge so you opt to double the size of the design to fit the scale of the room.

Extra fabric can be woven in a different design or size for the dining chairs, and because it is woven on the same warp, the colour matching is perfect.

So you need to find something for a curtain, which is a bit special and partially sheer. Kinnasand may have a fabric solution.

Burnouts and Clipped Jacquards use quite different techniques to achieve a similar result, where sheer patterns can be indispersed with solid areas.

Burnout fabrics are made using two different types of fibre, usually a polyester and woven with a cellulose fibre like rayon or cotton. A chemical process is used, which 'melts' the cellulose fibre leaving sheer areas of polyester in the fabric.

A Clipped Jacquard can be made in any fibre. It is woven with floating yarns on one side, which are clipped off, leaving a sheer area.

To see more examples Click Here
Kinnasand Smilla Col. 023 Kinnasand Falir Col. 013 Kinnasand Clipper, Col. 013 Kinnasand Cycle, Col. 014
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