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History of Silk
In ancient times, it is said that an empress of China accidentally dropped a silk cocoon into her tea. It began to unravel giving her the idea to use it as a yarn.

The earliest mention of silk fabrics is attributed to ancient India and is thought to have been brought to other parts of the world by the Aryans, along with the horse. The symbol for silk was already part of the written language in China around 2600 BC and fragments of ancient silk fabrics have been found and dated back to around 1500 BC.

By 200 BC it was so abundant in China that it was used as wages for soldiers.

Aristotle first mentions silk in Western culture around 300BC but it was not until the "Silk Road" trading routes were established around 100AD did silk become abundant in the West.

Silk influenced the fortunes of many countries since and is said to be one of the financial bases of the Renaissance. Sericulture, as it is called, or silk production has been established in many countries since but China is still one of the most dominant suppliers of silk to the world.
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