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Qualities of Silk
Silk has many qualities which sets it apart from other fibres.

Silk is lustrous. It reflects light and is caused by the silk filament starting as a semi liquid and solidifying as it makes contact with the air. There is also a translucency giving depth to the reflection. It dyes well. The colours take on a bright sparkle.

Silk can absorb an amazing 30% of its dry weight in moisture, giving it similar properties to wool. This makes it a comfortable year-round fibre to wear. Silk thrives in water, although detergents and perspiration can break down the fibre. It is highly resistant to mould and mildew.

Silk has warmth without weight. It is warm to touch and warm to wear. It breathes so can be used as a summer fibre, but makes for light weight insulation in the cold. It has been used for glove liners and sleeping bag inners for extra warmth. Think of a silk shirt, it is warm without having any bulk whatsoever.

Silk is strong. It is finer than human hair yet is as strong as an iron wire of the same diameter. However, it is still a fine fibre so is subject to abrasion making it unsuitable for high rub areas like carpets or regularly used furniture.

Silk is resistant to moths and dust mite.

Silk is very elastic. It can stretch 10% to 20% without breaking. It resists creasing and can be combined with other fibres like wool to help knits return to their original shape. It is a very good fibre to use as a warp.

If nothing else, it is the soft, warm handle which sets it apart. Few man-made copies come close to mimicking its touch.
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