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Types of Silk
These are just some of the more common forms of silk

Raw silk - Silk in its natural form is covered with a gum called Sericin. Raw silk still has all the gum which is dull & stiff and can be in many colours. Various processes can be used to remove the sericin to reveal the lustrous fibre beneath.

Wild Silk - This is usually not white and is from the tannins from eating plants other than the mulberry tree. It can be courser than cultivated silk, making it better for high wear items. It is cheaper. Wild silk cocoons are usually gathered after the moth has emerged, therefore the staples or fibres will have been cut, making it only suitable for spinning. It is also known as Tussah Silk

Tussah Silk - Courser than cultivated silk and correspondingly, more robust. It usually has small black flecks throughout. See also Wild Silk

Cultivated Silk - This has become a highly technical and controlled industry where silk worms are raised and fed mainly on mulberry leaves to produce a near white coloured silk. Often the chrysalis or grub is destroyed before it has a chance to eat its way out of the cocoon, so that the fibre can be reeled off in one long fibre. See also Reeled Silk & Thrown Silk

Thrown Silk - Made from the long filaments of silk up to 1500 mts long, and is nearly always made from cultivated silk. It is more expensive due to the extra work required in reeling off the single filaments. It requires very little twist so retains more lustrousness, and can be woven into fabric that are almost transparent. Also called Reeled silk. Some types of thrown silk fabrics include: voile, georgette, organza and crepe.

Dupion Silk - This is silk which retains the lumps where two threads join. It is a characteristic which is admired and should not be considered a flaw.

Noil Silk - Made from very short staple and contains little tangle balls of fibre

Reeled Silk - See also Thrown Silk and Cultivated Silk

Spun Silk - Shorter staples can be carded and woven, much the same way as cotton or wool. Includes varieties such as Shantung, Mutka and Noil.

Cut Silk - See Spun Silk
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