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Summer, Winter & Arctic -
What is the difference?

Our silk filled quilts are available in summer, winter & arctic weights.

Silk breathes and seems to be comfortable over a wide range of temperatures. We would say that a summer weight is equivalent to about 1-2 blankets and the winter weight is equivalent to about 2-3 blankets. Arctic is warmer again. Everybody seems to sleep at a different temperature, so these are really arbitary measurements.

Alternatively, two can be tied or buttoned together using small loops in each corner. This is often done in colder climates overseas, giving several options throughout the year.

For those a little more technical minded, our summer weight contains 160 grams/mt2, our winter is 320 grams/mt2 and the arctic contains 500 gms/mt2 of filling. Even with the cotton outer layer, they are still very light weight. For example, a queen summer weight quilt has a total weight of 1.95 kg and a queen winter weight is only 2.8kgs.

The light weight of silk-filled quilts make them ideal for sufferers of arthritis or people who do not like heavy bedding.

Our 100% Bamboo quilts are available in summer and winter weights.

In technical terms, the summer weight contains 200 grams/mt2, our winter is 400 grams/mt2.

Bamboo can absorb almost 3-4 times more moisture than cotton, and being a totally natural fibre, it breathes, so is comfortable over a wide variety of temperatures, without you getting that "sweaty" feeling.

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